Autodishwash Dishwasher Detergent

3x Action. Cleans. Shines. Freshens.

The NEW MyPlanet Active Gel dishwasher detergent, with active plant-derived ingredients, enzymes, and the 3x Action, is exceptionally effective on stubborn grease and food residues, leaving dishes sparkling clean, even in short cycles. The dishes retain the freshness of lemon without any stains.

It does not contain synthetic substances such as petrochemicals, EDTA, nitro-musks that could be harmful to health, as well as phosphates, which, in high concentrations in the environment, disrupt the balance of ecosystems.

– With active plant-derived ingredients and enzymes
– Effective on burnt grease and food residues
– With a highly soluble formula exceptionally effective at low temperatures and in short cycles
– Without unnecessary chemicals and residues
– With the freshness of lemon without stains