Creating Attitudes

Together we can achieve sustainability in cleanness and take another step towards a better world for all future generations.

Every time we wash our clothes, we consume energy and resources and we increase our overall environmental impact. It is therefore our duty to work together to inspire and to lead towards the idea of sustainability in cleanness, by encouraging changes in daily habits including adopting new and innovative products like the planet detergent and home care line.  As manufacturers we developed new sustainable formulae and in the process, successfully decreasing our ecological footprint both in manufacturing and transportation with less packaging materials per box (20% less cardboard and 70% less plastic), reduced raw materials per scoop (20% reduction of  additives) and reduced transportation volumes per shipment (by 30%). You as consumers by selecting lower temperatures per wash, avoiding overdosing and by recycling all pack materials after use can save money, save energy, and contribute with yet another aspect of your life towards a sustainable future.