Company Commitment

Throughout our 60 year history, we have demonstrated our strong commitment to deliver innovative products, as well as, protect the environment and the wellbeing and safety of our consumers.

The planet products are made and distributed in Greece by Rolco, the leading Greek detergent and household care manufacturer, with a 60 year history of developing some of the most iconic brands in the Greek market and implementing important innovations, such as the introduction of the first detergent powder, the first hand dishwashing liquid, the first biodegradable detergent and the first ecolabel product range. Rolco started addressing environmental issues at a time when the environment was not a mainstream issue. This social responsibility which was embedded in our philosophy and in our vision decades ago, is fully expressed in the planet range of cleaning and household care products launched 10 years ago and has positioned us a few steps ahead from our competitors in providing solutions to the significant environmental problems of our age such as the growing threat of climate change.

We manage our company according to globally accepted best practices.

We recruit and promote our personnel using criteria based on their merits, abilities and individual strengths, reflecting the requirements of each specific position. We aim to understand each other, to have direct access to all necessary information, to be flexible and promote quick and effective decision making. We aim to function together as a well-trained team with a common purpose and vision to ensure our long term success. Our relationships with our customers are based on respect, prompt responses andconsistency that we try hard to maintain within a spirit of cooperation and mutual trust.

We provide our suppliers with the opportunity to make a fair profit, and we always try to treat them with a considerate and friendly understanding.

We perform our functions with a sense of responsibility toward our shareholders by keeping them informed in timely, regular and reliable ways, concerning the entire range of our activities, including our financial situation and performance. In all our activities we promote social responsibility expressed through our respect toward the natural environment, and toward the basic human values.

We support functions and activities that enhance our community’s quality of life, and that of the people living in the surrounding regions. Each of our business activities embodies all the necessary values and principles that contemporary society demands from a leading company like ours.